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Photofocus Tests the Nissin Air System - Mirrorless Camera Maniac: Amazing Speedlight Solution for All Cameras

Once I realized that mirrorless cameras were more than capable of replacing my DSLR, I dove in head first and sold my Nikons. Ever since then, I’ve been saying that the only thing I miss from my Nikons is the excellent Creative Lighting System. Nikon’s CLS allowed me to make pictures with excellent light in all kinds of situations without using additional radio triggers or sync cords. From broad daylight to pitch black night, from manual mode to TTL, Nikon’s speedlights never failed me. when I switched to Lumix, I continued using my Nikon flashes, but I used some inexpensive dumb triggers that simply made the flash fire and I had to manually adjust power outputs at each light. I have missed the ease and versatility of the CLS. But now I’ve discovered a set of tools that more than replaces Nikon’s tools. It works marvelously with mirrorless cameras, but it also works with DSLRs. (Read original article here.)

Pixel Perfexion Test Report: Nissin Di700A with Air 1 Radio Commander and Air R Radio Receiver

I’ve reported on Nissin flashes for years (see Additional Reading below). And these strobes never disappointed. The one thing that always struck the right chord with me about Nissin shoe-mounts in the past was their system compatibility with my Nikon gear, or, more specifically, with Nikon CLS (Creative Lighting System).
Well, Nissin has upped the ante, bringing you a user-friendly, priced-right multi-mode wireless flash system that will take your flash photography to the next level – with radio remote TTL flash control as a featured mode in the Di700A. Don’t really care about radio control or wireless operation in general? Well, this flash doesn’t stop there. (Read original article here.)

Pixel Perfexion Test Report: Nissin MF18 Macro Flash Ring Revisited

‚ÄčI originally reviewed the Nissin MF18 digital ring flash several years back, for Shutterbug Magazine. I loved the flash back then, but, since I already had a ring flash that worked wirelessly with my Nikon D300, which at the time I'd paired with a 60mm Micro Nikkor, I had all the macro TTL flash lighting I needed.
Fast forward to today. We'll skip past the phase where I was using the Nikon D610 also for TTL wireless macro flash photography and jump to the Nikon D500. But perhaps I should clarify. With the introduction of the D300, Nikon introduced CLS (Creative Lighting System), which involved TTL wireless triggering of off-camera flashes. The beautiful part of the system was that the camera's built-in flash could be used as the trigger, or transmitter, without contributing to the flash exposure. But that worked great when the camera came with a built-in flash. (Read original article here.)