HEDLER TwinKit - LED1000


HEDLER TwinKit LED1000

Focusable and dimmable.

This kit is ideal for mixing hard and brilliant lighting in various situations, and perfectly complements any of the other HEDLER LED1000 lighting kits. The stepless focusable and dimmable LED light units are designed for continuous operation and are fully integrated into the Hedler UniAdaptSystem - all of the current Hedler reflex umbrellas, reflectors and softboxes can be combined to further increase your photographic creativity. Using the built-in QuickFit adapter, changing reflectors and softboxes is extremely fast and easy.

The modern LED light units with their ultra-compact metal housings generate a 56000K daylight quality and feautre a completely integrated electronic ballast in the housing. The 4-Leaf barndoors can be turned 360° to deliver a hard, brilliant and even light to illuminate wider areas or narrow the lighting to accent smaller areas.

Used in portrait shots, extremely emphasized textures can help produce hard and striking results. This kit can also be used for continuous operation as lighting for small stages and are completely compatible with digital and analog video cameras.

Included with the HEDLER TwinKit LED1000 is the robust and padded LightBag and two 4-leaf barndoors.

Kit contents:
2x HEDLER Profilux® LED1000
2x 4-leaf barndoor 360°
1x LightBag

Notice: Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Delivery time may take up to 8 weeks. For more information about delivery times, please contact info@NEIDLLC.com

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