HEDLER Twin Soft Kit - LED1000x


HEDLER Twin Soft Kit LED1000x


For soft flattering light, this kit is ideal for portrait or product photography. The steplessly dimmable LED light units are designed for continuous operation and can be fully integrated into the Hedler UniAdaptSystem - all of the current Hedler reflex umbrellas, reflectors and softboxes can be combined to further increase your photographic creativity. Using the built-in QuickFit adapter, changing reflectors and softboxes is extremely fast and easy.

With two HEDLER Profilux® LED1000x lamps, this kit is especially useful for professional video interviews, product videos or even video documentation. The modern LED light units with their ultra-compact metal housings generate a 56000K daylight quality and feautre a completely integrated electronic ballast in the housings.

The two MaxiSoft 50x50cm softboxes produce a soft, flattering light, which is perfect for portraits or small product shots. Honeycombs and filter gels are available as optional accessories.

Included with the HEDLER Twin Soft Kit LED1000x are two air-cushioned light stands with a max. working height of 2,37 meters, the robust and padded LightCase XL with variable inner compartments and two 50x50cm MaxiSoft softboxes.

Kit contents:
2x HEDLER Profilux® LED1000x
2x MaxiSoft 50x50cm
2x Light stand 2,37m
1x LightCase XL

Notice: Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Delivery time may take up to 8 weeks. For more information about delivery times, please contact info@NEIDLLC.com

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