HEDLER Reflex Umbrella - white ø 80 cm


HEDLER Reflex Umbrella white ø 80 cm

This reflex umbrella delivers a relatively soft and diffuse light at shorter distances (as compared to the ø 100 cm white reflex umbrella which delivers a harder light at the same distance) and is especially suitable for portraits. When set up further away from the photo motif, the light is harder and evenly spread out to illuminate your subject with smooth transitions between highlights and shadows.

Made of a special highly reflective fabric which is stretched over a silver lining and sturdy metal ribs, the HEDLER Reflex Umbrella provides a perfectly homogeneous light for portaits or even product shots - a light shaping tool that should not be missing in any studio!

When used for food or still photography, particularly pleasing reflexes can be created on shiny or semi-matt surfaces. In portrait, beauty or nude photography, a convincing and accentuating light can be produced when implemented at longer distances to the model. Combined with a continuous light or flash unit, the lighting techniques and options are endless.

Included in delivery:
1x Reflex umbrella without further accessories

Please note:
To attach this reflector on Hedler C-light units, the optional HEDLER Speedring C adapter will be needed.

Notice: Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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