HEDLER Profilux - LED1000x


HEDLER Profilux® LED1000x


The HEDLER Profilux® LED1000x is the newly developed LED light unit which generates an absolutely flicker-free CRI > 95 / 5600K continuous light with a single high-powered LED.

It has an extremely quiet cooling fan and a special active LED cooling system to prolong the average lifetime to approx. 50.000 hours!

Combining the HEDLER Profilux® LED1000x with the latest original Hedler reflectors and softboxes, a wide variety of lighting techniques can be created - from hard-brilliant to soft-flattering - making this unit an extremely versatile lighting tool for any photographer in the studio or even on location.

With its lightweight and compact size, a wide range of applications for on-location photography are easily possible - digital video and photo, documentation, highspeed photography, macro and stills. The color temperature of 5600K also makes the Profilux® LED1000x the ideal fill light in available light shooting situations.

More practical features include:
  • - LED soft start
  • - display with light output power indicator
  • - dimmable from 5% - 100% light output with high light output power reproducibility
  • - service indicator and status LEDs
  • - metal housing with completely integrated Electronic Ballast
  • - automatic or manual cooling control
  • - recalibration option
  • - automatic mains voltage recognition
  • - multi-voltage 110 - 230V AC / 50 - 60Hz
  • - integrated overheating protection
  • - integrated LED safety switch-off
  • - integrated operation-hour counter

Included in delivery:
1x Profilux® LED1000x high power single cell LED light unit, 185 Watts
1x integrated Electronic Ballast
1x U-bracket with 5/8" quick-lock light stand attachment and friction brake …
… plus the HEDLER QuickFit adapter for comfortable and fast interchanging of reflectors!

Notice: Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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