HEDLER MaxiSpot 130


HEDLER MaxiSpot 130

This snoot convinces with its very simple and extensive areas of use - whether for illuminating a background or used for special lighting effects, the 130° beam of light is highly versatile and can be used in nearly every situation. Perforated foils or oddly shaped pieces of metal, branches etc. can be placed between the snoot and background to produce interesting and creative results - but make sure not to place the objects too close to the lamp as this may cause fire!

If used in smaller studios, the lamp with snoot can be placed close to the ground and angled upwards to produce a feathering effect on the background, similar to the MaxiBackground. However, the advantage with the compact HEDLER MaxiSpot 130 is that it can also be combined with the HEDLER honeycomb filters for greater versatility.

Included in delivery:
1x MaxiSpot 130 reflector

Notice: Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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