HEDLER MaxiSoft - L 120 x 45 cm


HEDLER MaxiSoft L 120 x 45 cm

Otherwise know as a strip light, this softbox delivers a relatively soft light along its vertical axis and a somewhat harder light across the horizontal axis. Combined with the inner diffuser, the lighting characteristics can be softened even more - remove the diffuser and the light will become somewhat harder and brighter.

Attaching the 110 x 25 cm diffuser to the front of the softbox will deliver an even narrower strip of light, which is perfect for highlighting the edges of objects or persons to produce interesting effects in still-life or portrait photography.

The HEDLER MaxiSoft L 120 x 45 cm is especially suitable for portrait and nude photography, as well as for videos of interviews and similar situations.

Included in delivery:
1x MaxiSoft L 120 x 45 cm softbox
1x internal diffuser
1x 110 x 45 cm diffuser
1x 110 x 25 cm diffuser
1x transport bag

Optional accessories:
MaxiSoft grid / honeycomb

Please note:
To attach this reflector on Hedler C-light units, the optional HEDLER Speedring C adapter will be needed.

Notice: Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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