HEDLER Honeycomb Grid for Maxisoft 50x50


HEDLER MaxiSoft Honeycomb Grid 50 x 50 cm

HEDLER MaxiSoft Honeycomb Grids are the perfect tools to suppress interfering stray light in the studio, resulting in greatly improved contrasts and brilliance in your composition. When properly placed, not only will excess light be kept from overexposing the background, but the beam width between the MaxiSoft and your camera is reduced in order to increase the area of operation with your camera.

The Honeycomb can be quickly attached to the MaxiSoft - the reduction of light in the center is only about 1/3 f-stop, providing you with a constant quality of light for any photographic situation.

The maximum light capacity with continuous light should not exceed 1250 Watts. If using the HEDLER F 250, HEDLER FP 250, HEDLER F 500 and HEDLER F 1000 flash units, there is no restriction to the amount of Watt output.

The HEDLER Honeycomb comes with a round storage bag.

Included in delivery:
1x MaxiSoft 50 x 50 cm Honeycomb Grid
1x transport bag

Notice: Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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