Q:  What Nissin PS 8 Power Pack cable do I use for the on the Fujifilm or Micro Four Thirds Di700A and or i60A?
A:  The Di700A and i60A for Fujifilm and Micro Four Thirds Systems both utilize a Sony type external power cord with the Nissin PS 8 Power Pack.

Q:  I am shooting with a Sony Camera. My Nissin Flash and Air 1 Commander are paired and communicate when off the camera but when the Air 1 Commander is on the Sony Camera, the flash will not fire.
A:  The Sony Camera must be in the "WL" mode when using the Air 1 Commander to control an off-camera flash. Place the Air 1 Commander on the camera, then activate the "WL" mode in the flash menu of the Sony Camera.

Q:  Why will the Auto Focus Assist beam not work on my Nissin flash?
A:  Many mirrorless cameras from several manufacturers have an Auto Focus Assist beam built into the camera body. When this is the case, the camera body will not send a signal to a flash to activate the on-flash Auto Focus Assist beam.

Q:  What off camera cord do I use with my Nissin Fujifilm version flash?
A:  You may use a Canon type off camera cord with the Fujifilm version flash and maintain compatibility.

Q:  Using the Air 1 Commander on my Sony Camera, it will not allow me to go into High Speed Sync.
A:  In the Sony system, the HSS mode must be activated on the Air 1. To do this, simply hold down the pilot button for 3 seconds until it begins to blink. You are now in HSS mode. To turn off this mode just hold the pilot button down again until it stops blinking.