Hedler H25s Softlight SL Single Head Softbox Kit (22251)

The most powerful Hedler light! The H25s has two individually switchable bulb sockets, which can be fitted with bulbs from 300 Watt to 1250 Watt each, therefore offering a range of light intensity from 300 Watt to 2500 Watt. The unit is fan cooled! The Hedler H 25s comes with: Clear safety glass, U-Bracket with Quick-Lock Light Stand Attachment 5/8 inch and the new HEDLER Quick-Fit Adapter for reflectors and light shaping accessories.

Head Specification:
AC power supply: 100-250v/50-60Hz
Output Power in Watts 230-250v 2500w
Lighting angle without reflector: approx. 72º
Ambient temperature: -10º-+50ºC
Material of housing: aluminium
Fuse 2x F8A
Weight 3000g
Measurements w/o U-Bracket 160x165x180mm
Length power cord 3.5m
Certification CE+SEV

1x Hedler H25s
2x 1000w bulbs
1x Maxisoft 70x70cm
1x Light stand

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