Hedler H10 Twin Head Umbrella Video Portrait Kit (40061)

Designed for professional use the Hedler H 10 Tungsten light unit is sturdy, light weight and compact. The metal housing is convection cooled, so no noisy fan, and can be fitted with either a 650 or a 1000 watt bulb. A full range of accessories including reflectors , softboxes and umbrellas is available for the H10. The head is supplied with clear safety glass, U-Bracket with Quick-Lock Light Stand Attachment 5/8 inch and the new Hedler Quick-Fit Adapter for reflectors and light shaping accessories. 

Head Specification:
Size 160x165x180mm
Weight 2200g
No. of heads 1
Wattage 1000w
Fitting type Hedler Quick-Fit
Power source 230-250v/50-60Hz

Kit Contents:
2x Hedler H10
1x 4Way Barndoor
1x Umbrella White 80cm
1x Umbrella holder
1x Bag

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