Hedler MaxiSoft 90x90cm Softbox (7090)

The Hedler MaxiSoft 90x90cm Softbox (7090) is extremely versatile, light-weight and compact enough to use in the studio and on location to create professional results. Robust enough to be a reliable tool for in a professional environment.

It generates a soft, clear light, which suits ideal for flattering portrait photographs. It can be used for product shots and helps to render objects with vivid colours and convincing textures. Used for video shots it produces a pleasing overall lighting and helps to accentuate faces.

Hedler recommend the HHedler MaxiSoft 90x90cm Softbox (7090) for bigger stills, portrait and products, for videos and for general purpose, technical and medical documentation.

Angle of light beam-wide spread
Useable up to 2500w
Rotatable by 360 deg
Size 90x90cm
Depth 520mm
Weight 1.5kg

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