Hedler MaxiSoft 110x45cm Softbox (7011)

The Hedler MaxiSoft 110x45cm Softbox (7011) is a strip light softbox which, because of it´s shape, can deliver two different lighting characteristics: along it´s longitudinal axis relatively soft, along it´s cross axis a harder light. If the inner diffuser is used, the lighting characteristic softens even more

Hedler recommend the Hedler MaxiSoft 100cm Octagon Softbox (7810) for portrait and product photography.

Angle of light beam wide spread
Useable up to 2000w
Rotatable by 360 deg
Size: 110x45cm
Depth 510mm
Weight 1.6kg

1x Softbox
1x 1x Diffuser 110x45cm
1x Bag

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