Founded in 1945, Hedler prides itself on a long history of engineering and manufacturing quality German lighting equipment. Our line of professional grade continuous lighting products are proudly used in all areas of film, video, and studio photography. Wherever artificial lights are needed you can be sure Hedler has a solution. As DLSRs, capable of producing HD video evolve, there is an ever increasing need for easy to use, reliable lighting. Hedler’s fan less tech- nology offers users a highly efficient bulb with no noise or air movement; making it perfect for macro photography, or in conjunction with on camera microphones. This can save serious time and money in post production. Hedler offers a wide array of accessories, that allow for very creative light manipulation. Whether you need hair lights, soft boxes, or movie set barn doors, all options are left on the table. We even make a bracket that allows your existing speed light to be used with many of our accessories.
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